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Massage Information

True Back

A deep tissue massage that focuses on your back and shoulders. This helps remove those "hunched-over-keyboard" shoulder knots, and rejuvenate posture (perfect during a lunch break)!

True Foot

We walk around on our feet all day, so why not look after them? Our True Foot massages from the sole to the calf, and is beneficial for stimulating internal organs, as well as improving blood and lymph circulation.

True Thai

Inspired by traditional Thai practice, this is a strong full body massage (which also involves pressure being applied along energy channels and stretching) for a full body wake up! This is a dry massage (no oil) that encourages blood and lymph flow, flexibility, and stress relief. 

True Unwind

True Unwind is a full body, soothing oil massage, for perfect relaxation. True Unwind stimulates the build up of endorphins, helping create a sense of calm.

True Fusion

Combining True Thai massage (firm) with True Unwind massage (oil) you receive the best of both worlds. True Fusion is a wonderful balance of a healthy deep tissue massage, followed by a relaxing oil massage. (Treat yourself on a lazy weekend!)

Remedial (McKillop branch - bookings required)

Target specific sore, tense or knotted muscles then claim back from most Private Health Insurance funds after receiving a Remedial massage. Exactly what the doctor ordered! Bookings essential. We provide you with a Remedial receipt for you to claim through your fund.


Bookings can only be made by phone. Please call our receptionists during opening hours (numbers below).

Bookings can be made for 30 minute or longer massages. Kindly inform our receptionist when booking if you’ve had surgery recently or if you have any other concerns to ensure we can provide massage. 

For all gift voucher bookings, you must provide the Voucher code at time of booking. ID may be asked for when redeeming gift vouchers.

Booking Information - True Thai Massage

Your massage experience

Kindly arrive 5 minutes before your massage booking so you can fill in some information and ask us any questions. 

We accept AMEX, Mastercard or Visa (surcharges apply) as well as cash. Payment is accepted prior to your massage.

If paying with credit card we may ask to see a form of ID (for your security).

Please note it is our policy that customers wear underwear throughout their massage. If preferred, we can provide disposable underwear for you. 

In order for a relaxing experience for everyone, all mobile phones are to be on silent. If you need to answer your phone, excuse yourself from the massage area, and take the call in reception. Thank you.

Medical concerns

If you have any medical concerns (or are pregnant) you must let us know prior to your massage. If we are unsure whether massage would be safe for your condition, or potentially affect our practitioners, then we have the right to refuse massage.



We are a busy practice, so if you wish to change or cancel a booking, 24 hours notice is required by calling the branch you booked and speaking to our receptionist. If less than 24 hours notice is given then bookings made for gift vouchers will lose 50% of their time value. Deposits for group bookings will not be refunded. If a booking for a gift voucher is ignored (i.e. non attendance) then the voucher will be void.